Consultancy Services

Synaps are expert in business planning, strategic decision making and management of corporate development projects. We bring these skills to our clients' businesses in order to help them address problems, to increase growth and enhance potential.

While we are not bankers or corporate financial advisors our extensive involvement in  structuring companies and business units can help our clients with their organisational planning and resourcing, including the application of specialised information technology.  

Synaps and its advisers have a wealth of experience in establishing and managing joint ventures and special purpose vehicles.

We can advise on the establishment, management, and control of CAPEX programmes, and corporate risk registers, as well as undertaking business reviews, due diligence, intensive care and turnaround services. 

In the course of providing our advice and execution support services, we usually identify a requirement for additional specialist advice and services in accounting, tax, banking, corporate financial services, legal, insurance, human resource selection, reward, education and training, IT and cyber security systems, branding, marketing, sales and communications. We can advise our clients on the appropriate selection of such advisers, as well as how best to brief and coordinate them, to ensure that their advice is fully integrated into the business.